• Direct.

    Know farms. Know food. What good is buying local if you don’t even know the family that grows your food? At Evensong Farm we only sell direct to our customers — at farmers markets, through members-only buyers clubs, and, of course, at Evensong itself. We raise our food for you, and we cherish that relationship.

  • Natural.

    At Evensong Farm our Poulet Rouge chickens and Red Devon cattle and Gloucester Old Spot pigs are the proper, balanced breeds for our land and our climate, and for pasture and woodland ranging. Our animals live, eat and thrive just as they should — all-natural, no-medicine, beyond organic.

  • Humane.

    Raising great food means more than organic practices, pasture ranging and no chemicals, it demands respect for the animals and the land. At Evensong Farm the health of our livestock and our customers inspires everything we do. Because no act may require more trust, than choosing the food we put in our bodies.

  • Pure.

    Evensong Farm’s pasture-ranged chicken and eggs, woodland pork and charcuterie, and grass-only beef are consistently praised by our customers, food writers and restaurants alike for their genuine flavors, their terroir — a purity of taste and quality that only come from Evensong. We invite you to discover the true taste of local.