About Our Pork

Throughout the world the very best pork is known for the subtle flavors built by the pig’s diet — the sweetly nuanced Iberico from Spain, for instance. At Evensong Farm, our land is a delightful match for our Gloucester Old Spot sows and boars, perhaps nature’s most voracious omnivores.

As weening piglets, rich and diverse pastures form the foundation of their daily meals — along with Evensong’s health-packed custom pig feed, a special combination of local grains, alfalfa and the very best Fertrell minerals. As they mature, our playful broods rotate to forested paddocks, where they eagerly enjoy the wealth of roots, brambles, nuts, acorns, and, yes, even poison ivy.

Thanks to a woodland diet, Evensong’s pork is imparted with a special melange of flavors, a soft texture, and silky fat. And, the bounty of the forest keeps our mischievous pigs out of trouble.

Evensong Farm offers classic cuts of pork — chops, roasts, ribs and hams — as well as smoked bacon (nitrate-free, of course), and a nice variety of sausages — breakfast links, bratwurst, butifarra, andouille, linquica, chorizo, kielbasa, hot and sweet Italian, English bangers and more.