Evensong Farm is the real deal. Nestled just outside of historic Sharpsburg, Maryland in the foothills of the Appalachian Elk Ridge, Evensong’s tune is all about heritage, health and harmony. And Evensong Farm is a business that understands… Small is good.

Evensong Farm embraces heritage. Our Poulet Rouge chickens and Red Devon cattle and Gloucester Old Spot pigs are the proper, balanced breeds for our land and our climate, and for pasture and woodland ranging. Our animals live, eat and thrive as nature intended.

Evensong Farm understands health. The health of our livestock and our customers inspires everything we do, because no act may require more trust than choosing the food we put in our bodies. That’s why we humanely raise our animals with respect and care. Why we’re all-natural, no-medicine, beyond organic. And why we only sell direct to our customers. We raise our food for you, and we cherish that authentic relationship.

Evensong Farm creates harmony. So it all adds up to perfect balance. Evensong’s chicken and eggs and pork and beef all boast a special terroir — pure and genuine flavors that only come from our farm. Simply put, when you know farms, you know food. And we look forward to getting to know you.

To buy from Evensong, visit us at the farm by appointment, or join one of our special Buyers Clubs. Or find us at the FreshFarm Markets in Silver Spring, Maryland and Penn Quarter in D.C. Evensong Farm’s eggs, pork and beef are also featured at various restaurants, depending upon availability. Please ask us to learn where you can find it currently.

Most sincerely yours,

Julie Gray Stinar
Sharpsburg, Maryland

p.s. Just a little note about our website photographs. All photographs on this website are mine (except the one of me on our homepage, which was taken by Ricky Carioti). I didn’t drop out after two years of evil photography school to have you steal my photos. Unauthorized use of my images is prohibited. Be nice, ask.