Bacon shortage?! Eat local!

The media are bubbling with news about Ham-aggedon… Yikes… an impending pork shortage, as farmers reduce swine production in response to constantly rising corn prices — and this year’s low corn crop yield.

Well, yesterday we were interviewed by CNN — What are farmers going to do?
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Our response? Eat local!

At Evensong we’ve been very worried about how the corn portion of our Old Spots’ diet is becoming more and more expensive, and so we’ve been exploring native, healthy alternatives for our piggies. As usual, local and diverse eating is the answer. We’ll soon be adding grain sorghum — grown right next door on the Antietam National Battlefield — to our pigs’ daily mix of feed, and lowering their intake of corn (and our corn costs too!). Sorghum contains just about the same balance as corn of protein, lysine, phosphorous and fat.

Grain Sorghum is a really beautiful and interesting grass… I see a sorghum blog post in our future… Sorghum…

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