Buyers Clubs

Back by popular demand…  The Evensong Farm Farmata Account.
Make your deposits before April 10, 2016 to secure your annual discount.

With your pre-paid Farmata Account you receive a 10–15% discount on ALL Evensong products you buy throughout the year. When you come to the farm or to the market stand, you can leave your cash at home and say: “Put that on my Farmata Account, please!” (We’ll debit your account accordingly… “farmata” is inspired by the musical “fermata” — see the bottom of this page for more info.)

Simply choose the amount to put on your Evensong Farmata Account, starting at a minimum of $250. For some of you, $250 will be enough for 6 months of discounted purchases. For others, it might only be enough for one month — you choose the amount that’s right for you and your budget. As soon as your account is activated you’ll then enjoy discounts on ALL Evensong Farm products you buy at market or on the farm (eggs, beef, pork, herbs, Urban+Ade). Unlike other buyer’s clubs, with your Farmata Account you’re free to choose whatever you want from what’s available each week.

Please note, Farmata Accounts may only be activated from January to April 15! Just as CSAs and Buyers Clubs are paid in advance, so is the Farmata. You can put additional money onto your account throughout the year if you end up spending your initial deposit. Things start to get a bit crazy around here in April, and we must have all paperwork done before then!

Evensong Farmata Account ~ Benefits:

  • By pre-paying your Farmata  you receive a 10% discount on all Evensong farmers market purchases, and a 15% discount on all on-farm purchases.
  • Your purchases may be made at any time throughout the year, and your discount continues until you use up your account balance. Your Farmata Account gives you discounts on whatever products you like best — unlike some buyer’s clubs where they chose what is in the share. Do you only want beef? Sure! A sausage lover? Fine! A sausage hater? That works too! You pick from what’s available each week.
  • And, best of all, you won’t need cash or a credit card when you make your Evensong purchases. I’ll just record your purchase on your farm account, and you’ll be on your way!

Easy, Pea-sy, Lemon squeezy. Oh yeah — and don’t forget our lemonade!


To sign up for the Evensong Farmata Account please come see me at the market or make an appointment to come to the farm. I will only set up the accounts in person. You can make a deposit payment for your account in a few different ways: Cash, check, PayPal transfer or credit card. If you wish to use a credit card, we’ll pass along the merchant fee of 2.75% associated with the transaction.


About the Fermata:

Ever notice the little symbol over the “o” in our logo? It’s a musical notation called a Fermata, and it signifies “the sustaining of a note, chord, or rest for a duration longer than the indicated time value, with the length of the extension at the performer’s discretion.”

Ensuring that Evensong Farm is sustainable is one of our greatest goals — both environmentally and financially. The biggest contributor to this goal is a respectful and healthy relationship between you and I, customer and farmer. Together, we are the performers in this song of the land. Together, we’ll sustain this farm for a long duration, hopefully well beyond our “indicated time value.”