100% Grass-Fed is Best

Can you turn sunlight into protein? Cattle can! At Evensong, our cattle only eat the perennial grasses and forages naturally growing on the farm. In the Spring, Summer and Fall they enjoy fresh, green grass as they rotate throughout our paddocks. In the Winter they graze on fields stockpiled (not grazed) during the late Summer and early Fall, supplemented with hay harvested from our own fields. We never use pesticides or herbicides on our fields.

By rotationally grazing our cattle our fields replenish themselves, and we prevent “overgrazing,” which thins pastures and makes them prone to erosion and nutrient deficient forage. Our cattle also enjoys free-choice organic minerals, salt and kelp. That’s it. No grains, no antibiotics, no medications, no unnecessary stress and handling.

So the sun nurtures our grasses, and the grasses grow our cattle. Our cows never eat grains — they’re 100% grass fed — and their meat is lean, naturally marbled, and high in Omega 3s, cholesterol-fighting CLAs, and essential vitamin E. (Many farms with “grass fed” cattle finish their herds on grains, an input unnatural to ruminants’ diets but integral to bigger-is-always-better livestock production.)

The old wisdom is certainly true: You are what you eat. And 100%-grass-fed cattle is healthy, and healthier for you.

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