Harvesting Begins Again!

After a winter that wasn’t really a winter, it now truly feels like spring because we have just completed our first harvest of spring greens! Finally we will have more than just proteins at market.

For the first markets of our vegetable season, Courtney isn’t spending a lot of time harvesting from the garden — she is heading into the woods. Spring grown Watercress is just big enough for harvest this week (and will be around for about 3 more weeks), we have a little bit of Stinging Nettle (it will be around for about 6 weeks) and Garlic Mustard (which is only around for this week and maybe next week). From the garden we have Cilantro, Chives and Sorrel.

Since Garlic Mustard is the most fleeting of all these wild greens I will tell you a bit about them. They are fairly strong and are good as a dressing or with another green. By themselves they might be a bit overpowering. You should eat as much of it as you can while it is in season because you are actually helping the woods by cutting it down. Garlic Mustard is an invasive weed and is harmful to the health of our local forests and woods.

You can find many recipes online but I was pleased to find a page of recipes by Friends of Sligo Creek that has a bunch of ideas! Now, you can go forage for your own or you can come to the Silver Spring or Penn Quarter farmers markets and buy some from us! Either way, you should be quick about it because these are very quick to go to seed and lose their tasty leaves.