Evensong Farm’s pasture-ranged chicken and eggs, woodland pork and charcuterie, and grass-only beef are consistently praised by our customers, food writers and restaurants alike for their genuine flavors, their terroir — a purity of taste and quality that only comes from Evensong.

Our practices, products and people have been featured in many media outlets, including:

  • The Washington Post, Food Section: Where Good Chicken Comes From
  • The Washington Post, Metro Section: Women in Agriculture
  • Voice of America
  • Washington Gardener
  • Hagerstown Herald-Mail
  • Washington Post Magazine
  • Valley Home and Style
  • Preservation Magazine
  • Old-House Journal.

Here is some of what’s been written and said about Evensong Farm. We invite you to discover the true taste of local.


What do we really mean when we proclaim that something “tastes like chicken”? Usually it’s not a compliment. Thanks to producers such as Julie Stinar at Evensong Farm in Sharpsburg, Md., it doesn’t have to be that way. She pasture-raises Cornish Cross and Poulet Rouge birds that look, feel and taste superior to what you generally find in a supermarket or at many farmers markets.

David Hagedorn ~ The Washington Post. Sourced: Where Good Chicken Comes From


I just have to tell you that I bought one of your steaks last week at market, and it was the most amazing piece of meat I have ever had. Truly mouth-watering.

Irv K. ~ Washington, District of Columbia


When you cook up Evensong’s Poulet Rouge, just roasting it or in a cacciatore, it has a silkiness. The flavor and texture together make it a different kind of meat.

Ann Yonkers ~ Co-Founder, FreshFarm Markets


Your pork is of unbelievable quality. I am priveledged to be working with you.

Jason Story ~ Three Little Pigs Charcuterie and Salumi


Believe me, not all small chicken producers are as meticulous as Stinar… One thing seems clear: A bird’s quality of life affects its flavor on the plate. Evensong’s poultry proves the point.

David Hagedorn ~ The Washington Post. Sourced: Where Good Chicken Comes From


I am one who might swoon over delicious food, but rarely eggs. But your eggs are wonderful!

Susan C. ~ Silver Spring, Maryland


Yesterday I made a cake and some scones and I could hardly beleive the difference fresh eggs make. We go from year to year gradually losing our sense of taste and flavor, then a good friend gives a gift of lovely fresh eggs and it’s there again. Taste is back!

Doris I. ~ Silver Spring, Maryland